We will have several workshops available to conference attendees:  Please check back as we are still updating this page:

Workshop Title and Brief Description:

  • Fanning the Flame:  We live in a world were it is very easy to let talents, skills and gifts die.  One simple reason for this is that we do not make a conscious effort to keep that talent, skill or gift aflame. …….Paul exhorts Timothy to Fan the Flame of his calling… In other words, Timothy is being called to provide nourishing treatment through feeding of the flame. Why? Because if you don’t, it will go out.  It is a gift from God. Fan it till it is white-hot. Feed it till it is all ablaze.
    • Those in attendance of this workshop should be able to walk away with encouragement to walk circumspectly to what GOD has spoken over the individuals life. Believe and know that if GOD be for you who can be against you.  The strength to fight the good fight of faith in perilous times.
  • Healing Wounded Hearts:  This workshop offers insight to resolving conflicts and healing wounds within the soul, ways to exercise our authority in Christ, and enjoy a greater intimacy with our awesome God.
  • Kingdom Connections: God is a God of connection and I believe that this is the time that the Lord is calling us to have deeper connection with our communities, churches, and loved ones. In this workshop we’re going to talk about why connection is so important as well as tools and strategies to win a city over by just the people you do life with.
  • The Lovesick King: Come and receive the affirming affection of our Bridegroom King. Song of Songs 2:3-4, I delight to sit in His shade, and His fruit is sweet to my taste. Let Him lead me to the banquet hall and let His banner over me be love.This workshop is a time to hear the prophet voice of the heart of Jesus for you. A time to be strengthened and empowered in your identity as the bride. He is coming not only to speak, but to encounter and transform with His love and affection. He truly is a lovesick King who longs to be with you!!!!
  • Overcoming Depression: Through the Conquering depression workshop my aim is to help attendees discover God given strategies on how we as Christians not only combat but conquer depression. As a Victor who was once a victim of depression I’ve learned and am still learning how to loosen satan’s grip. Through brief research and time with God I’ve learned that depression is more spiritual than it is natural, therefore we cannot fight it from a natural standpoint alone. Romans 8:37-39 “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us” .     Rev 22:11 “They conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and the words of their testimony”


  • Hearing God’s Voice: Listen UP! God wants to talk to you!  Hearing God’s voice is something we all long for. Did you know that it’s not hard to hear God’s voice for yourself and for others? In fact, God wants you to hear His voice and He often tells you to share what you hear. Are you ready to listen?   “Listen UP” offers practical insight into practicing hearing God’s voice for yourself and receiving a word for others. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice…” This workshop includes practical application.