Brenda Edwards
Conference Speaker
Brenda Edwards has a passion for women to walk in the beauty of God’s presence. She encourages women to be confident in themselves and in the word of God. Brenda has held a women’s inspirational bible study group for over 14 yrs and continues in the ministry as a speaker and author. Brenda is also a Board Member of GLVWM.
Lydia Clarke
Conference Speaker
Lydia Clarke has a passion to be used by God to help free and equip people to boldly walk in the fullness of their God-given identity, potential, and purpose. She fulfills this passion through the non-profit she founded, Treasure Quest, Inc., and her own personal ministry, Can’t Keep Silent. Many have been delivered and healed from bondages of the heart, soul and body because of the truth she speaks in love. Her transparency and "realness" about her own issues and experiences makes those to whom she ministers (any gender or age) comfortable in being transparent themselves and open to receive all God has for them. She's authored a book, Can't Keep Silent, and has been interviewed on various radio and TV programs regarding its controversial content. Lydia and her husband of 34 years, Elder Timothy Clarke, were licensed to the ministry in 1992. They are blessed to have five children and five grandchildren.
Kim Scott
Conference Speaker
Preacher, teacher, healer, and servant Kim Scott is a sought after evangelist and counselor. Her non-traditional conversion has given her a mandate of truth and a heart for the broken, addicted, hurting, and wounded person that is overlooked by mainstream traditional ministry; however, who is at the center of God’s heart. Her gifts of teaching and counseling allow her to speak life and hope into to those who need to hear a real word from God. Passionately Pursuing God is Pastor Kim’s purposed intention and is what she desires to teach others. Spending hours pouring over the Bible and seeking to know the person of God brought Pastor Kim to a place where she began to discover the Father’s heart. The radical method by which Pastor Kim came to know God as her Father placed in her a love for God coupled with a desire to serve and to teach others to experience God beyond the confines of church and tradition.


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